To deliver the best facility management and most effective proposal-based business solutions, meeting specific needs of our clients and exceeding the expectations of customers, business partners and wider stakeholders.


Our activity relies upon by our values, enshrined in company structure, unique customer care, effective service delivery and our performance.


To become the ultimate most competent and sustainability driven provider of facility management and business consulting services throughout the Republic of Moldova.


Smart Links LLC is a Moldovan company, established in 2013, which provides diverse array of high-quality business, legal and effective proposal-based business and facility management solutions through consultations to meet specific client requirements. Company profile covers optimization of work processes of our clients in view of maximization of their functionality and improving work satisfaction of all employees.   We provide one stop FM solutions locally and nationwide at any time by combining our expertise with your needs, be they single, simple and straightforward or multiple and complex. We will dispatch our qualified and experienced teams to meet your demands in a timely and consistent fashion, exceeding your expectations by performing regular audits and proposing unique FM solutions.  Regardless of the complexity of your needs, our solutions are always simple and well designed. 

The Smart Links team has extensive knowledge and skills, which combined with the right attitude of our employees, ensures that you will benefit from a great service. The focus on client needs and perception that your requirements are at the core of our activity gives Smart Links a significant competitive advantage. It has often happen in the past that our FM managers and consultants by high quality of their service become well known and acquire great authority in local communities, but also nationwide.  

We target the delivery of value for money service by undertaking regular consultations and performing quality control. The cornerstone of the high quality of our service delivery is effective customer communication and involvement of our clients, who become active participants in our work by providing necessary feedback.

Company values:

  • Excellence. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal.
  • Integrity. In dealing with customers, business partners and wider stakeholders, we uphold to honesty and openness. 
  • Sustainability. Delivering tangible economic, social and environmental benefits for all stakeholders. 
  • Respect. Everyone is important and everyone matters. 
  • Competence. Highly professional, well trained and the best skilled workforce. 


Our commitment towards Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) reflects awareness of the impact of our business on the society as a whole, including clients, wider stakeholders and the environment. By taking into account health and safety, environmental, human rights and corporate governance effects of our activities we drive change towards sustainability. In our view, focus on sustainable development resides in delivering tangible economic, social and environmental benefits for all stakeholders.